Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning


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Gutter Cleaning

Gutters easily fill up with pine straw, leaves, dirt, and other debris, causing water to not be diverted away from your home properly. When this happens, water can flood your gutters, and seep into the eaves and walls of your home. This causes rot and potentially even foundation problems, exterior cracks in the brick, and structural damage. It can also damage the gutters itself, causing rust and cracks.

Gutters generally should be cleaned in the spring and late fall. Depending on how many trees are on your property, they may need to be cleaning 3-4 times a year. Cleaning your gutters in a timely manner can eliminate problems before they start.

Why choose Window Gang Gutter Cleaning?

  • We only use ladders with ladder stabilizers, meaning we don’t lean our ladder directly against the gutter itself which can cause damage to them
  • We check and clean downspouts too
  • Gutter Maintenance Plan – Our team will inspect and clean your gutters as frequently as you want, year-round, at a discount! This takes out the hassle of scheduling appointments and gives you piece of mind

Gutter Face Cleaning

Do your gutters have vertical black stripes on the outside? Many think that it’s mold or mildew, which leads them to not clean it properly. It’s actually a chemical reaction between asphalt and aluminum, and can be extremely tough to remove. Call Window Gang, and we’ll use our unique deep cleaning chemical to remove them!

Why do my gutters have black stripes?

Black stripes (called zebra stripes) are caused from tar and asphalt run-off from the roofing shingles bonding to the outside of the gutter.

Will regular pressure washing remove the stripes?

The stripes may lighten some after pressure washing the home; however, it is possible the stripes will be still be visible. This a real tough stain, so unlike mold and mildew it won’t come off with traditional pressure washing methods.

Can the stripes be removed? What is the process?

To remove the stripes, Window Gang will wash and scrub all the gutters around your home by hand, using our special Window Gang degreaser. Most likely we will be able to remove the stripes, but in some cases the tar and asphalt from the roof may have permanently stained the gutters.

Gutter face cleaning can be a very hard, dirty and tiresome job. Also, climbing up and down a ladder can be dangerous. Why take the risk? Let Window Gang clean your gutter facings to a like-new appearance!

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