Deck & Fence Restoration

Deck & Fence Restoration


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Deck & Fence Restoration

Without protection, wood rapidly deteriorates from sunlight and water, which can quickly lead to mold, mildew, algae, and fungus. Washing and sealing your deck, fences, and other wood surfaces will protect and prolong the life of your investment.

Our deck and fence cleaner is formulated for cleaning all types of lumber. Immediately after applying our cleaner, you can see the solution working, pulling out the impurities that are inside the wood. This must be done before sealing your deck, fence and other wood surfaces. Properly maintaining wood decks and fences are very important, since wood in poor condition reduces the value of a home. Our low pressure cleaning method will not damage lumber and will restore wood to a like new appearance. After the cleaning process the wood needs to be sealed to protect from day to day elements; rain, sun, snow, wear and tear, etc.


  • We apply cleaner that penetrates the wood, bring any dirt and contaminants to the surface
  • If needed, we then brush/scrub the surface
  • We then pressure wash to thoroughly remove the dirt and chemicals
  • A brightener is applied to neutralize the wood, bring it back to the proper color, and prep the surface for sealant


Sealant greatly extends the life of your wood surfaces by protecting it from day to day elements like the sun, rain, and general wear and tear. We apply a high quality clear or tinted sealant, of your choice, within 48 hours of washing. The sealant dries within 24 hours, allowing you to enjoy your deck the very next day after application.

All sealants come with a 2-4 year warranty. We are also certified Wolman contractors and are proud to use Olympic, Wolman, and ABR products.

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